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Who are we and what makes us special?

Thirst for adventure, creativity and lightness -

This is what connects the two founders of NaJi:

Jill & Nadine

Both know the fast pace in German cities, the "business life", the stressful everyday life. Through travel, yoga, surfing and long-term stays in other countries, the two have learned what is really important to them in life. They are full of energy and joy to be able to support others together with their team on their personal journey.




Sometimes you need the right questions, honest answers, a kick in the butt, a new perspective, an inspiration from the outside to touch you deep inside. Life coaching is one of the tools that can contribute to personal development when we are open to change.  

Whether in one of our retreats or in 1: 1 life coaching - the aim of the sessions is to stimulate reflection, to motivate you to go into the future strengthened, motivated and with courage. The core of life coaching is to direct released energy to what you really want in your life. The focus of the coaching is very individual - the purpose is to show you how much we can achieve when doubts and fears no longer play a significant role. 

In our retreats you can expect group coaching sessions on various topics, during individual coaching sessions we react to individual blockages and soften them. 


In our retreats and online yoga classes, we offer all yogis and yoginis the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, to relax, to recharge their batteries and to clear their heads through simple, powerful-dynamic and relaxing-regenerative yoga classes. The core of all yoga classes is to find peace, relaxation and new strength to recharge the body, mind and soul. Meditations are a part of   the yoga classes and are offered distinctly.  

Well-coordinated, challenging as well as calm yoga classes await you. Yoga lessons with dynamic flows to build up strength and heat to completely warm the body and mobilize it comprehensively. In other classes we focus on regeneration and restorative positions are held for a longer period of time, to give the body the opportunity to let go. The aim is to release deep tensions in the body and to calm the mind.

Every body and soul is different and we offer different types of yoga - regardless of whether you are a beginner or an old yoga connoisseur – to find out what is right for you. It is important to us to show you the therapeutic power of yoga, which you can take with you into your everyday life.


‘For me, yoga is a tool to reconnect with ourselves and to manage our energies. I feel the more we look inwards and know our bodies, the more available we are to meet life with presence – rather than with a conditioned mind.’

Yoga teacher

Jill teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and restorative Yoga. She was taught the theoretical and practical foundations of yoga in Bali at Desa Seni School of Yoga in 2016. Her teacher training, and many trainings and workshops that followed, shed light on the many facets of yoga and delivered teaching techniques covering topics such as class theming, mindful sequencing, biomechanical alignment and understanding of the energy body.  

Her classes are authentic, clear and precise and thoughtfully sequenced with enough room for fun and joy. The way she shares yoga involves stretch, burn, sweat, soothe, tone, trim, release, massage, relaxation, and most importantly, to bridge the gap between the precious mind and the body. It involves softening the hard edges. It involves listening to your body, connecting to your breath, awakening to your unique spirit and becoming aware. 

Students learn to meet themselves with kindness and compassion and to relax with things as they are. Mindfulness, compassion and Buddhist teachings support the relaxed and attentive atmosphere of each class. Jill meets people who come to her class with an open heart and without indoctrination and paternalism. 

Über Uns_NaJi_Jill_edited.jpg


"Everything we need is already within us - we have to learn to be mindful in order to live a full life and to face changes with courage. "

Life coach & Yoga teacher

Nadine is a coach for personal development & communication. Since 2019 she has been working full-time as a freelancer and digital nomad to travel and discover more of our breathtaking world. She blogs and writes articles as  'La Travelista'  and inspires her community on Instagram.

Her professional career has been colorful: Working as actress, in the communication field, as a fitness trainer and Yoga teacher she has gained experience as a coach and team leader and learned what it means to motivate, lead and take people to their next level with a body-mind connection. Confidently accepting changes and making decisions wholeheartedly

is the essence of her coaching.

Nadine meets all people openly and without prejudice and picks them up where they are in life. She supports you to start your true journey without neglecting the fun of the here and now.

Her motivation as a coach: She knows that everyone has a great power within that is sometimes waiting to be unleashed to live the life that everyone imagines individually. She wishes for the participants in the retreats to discover exactly this power.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?


Click here for more information or to book directly - we look forward to seeing you!


Jill & Nadine

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