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October 2023


The time here in the yoga retreat with Nadine and Jill was a very special time for me personally. The energy that prevailed here and the group dynamics, which were actually beautiful from day one. It was a very special experience for me. It's amazing how quickly you can connect with people you didn't know before. I can recommend it to everyone. Get out of everyday life and into new experiences.

Gladly again! See you in Tenerife.

Mario, participant Sri Lanka retreat

October 23-30, 2023

"You are all that you need."

A transformative journey to yourself: in this retreat you're invited to dicover yourself under all these layers that we put on throughout our lives, to look inward and enjoy the feeling of not needing to be anyone but you - come as you are, pure and undone and you'll be met exactly where you need it. We offer you a safe space to grow, develop or simply relax, withdraw, be mindful of your energy and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

This retreat shall be a positive experience for you that shows you sustainable and beneficial routines to support you in your everyday life.

We look forward to welcoming you.


7 nights accommodation

Full board: vegan/vergetarian organic slow food

– Pool with fresh spring water

Daily yoga twice for beginners and advanced

– Various meditations

– Practice yoga in the beautiful indoor studio or with views on the terrace

Daily life coaching sessions for personal development

Join Nadine and Jill in Tenerife, Spain on October 23rd, 2023. Experience the breathtaking landscape of Tenerife between mountains and sea and enjoy yoga, inner growth, delicious food, magical experiences and great people for 8 days.

Beschreibung Teneriffa



This location is something very special: six hectares of private mountain terrain in the beautiful valley of Masca, about 45 minutes from Tenerife's main airport. Masca is best known for its natural beauty, unspoilt views and authenticity. In combination with the Mandala de Masca Villa, the location offers an inspiring environment for a relaxing and healing retreat. The finca has six terraced gardens with the most beautiful plants, palm trees, flowers of all colors and fruit trees. In the wind-protected places on the finca you will always find an undisturbed private place to relax. You can expect meals made from organic and vegetarian products, mostly from the villa's own garden.

Mandala de Masca is also home to theYogini Pink Foundation, a non-profit organization. All surplus from the house goes directly to the foundation, which supports women affected by breast cancer with special retreats to strengthen and energize them while recovering from the (side) effects of the treatments.



Masca is a mountain village in the northwest of the island and has around 100 inhabitants and 80 houses. It is about 700 Meter  high in the Teno mountains and until the 1960s could only be reached via a sandy track from Santiago del Teide. The picturesque houses on the slope are embedded in a fascinating gorge landscape.

The nature of Masca, the chirping of the birds in the valley, the clean oxygen, the freshness of the spring water, the shapes of the rocks, the glow of the stars at night and the wide view of the mountains will activate all your senses to make you (again) to connect with yourself and with the love within you.


As in all NaJi retreats await you different types of yoga, breathing and meditation techniques. The focus is on feeling finer again, your own Getting to know the body better and bringing it into harmony with the mind. In the coaching sessions we deal with topics related to inner balance, intuition and self-development.


You will receive information about planned activities and a more detailed retreat schedule shortly before the start of the retreat. First of all we would like to show you an example of the course of the retreat - subject to change:

DAY 1:   23. October 2023

4:00 p.m.   Arrival, room allocation

17:00 clock   Joint welcome, program presentation and yoga

7:30 p.m.   Dinner

DAY 2 - 7:   24. until October 29, 2023*

7:30 am   Meditation and intensive, powerful yoga practice

9:30 am   Complete, healthy breakfast 

Time for massages, wellness, relaxation or excursions

1:30 p.m.   Lunch

Time for massages, wellness, relaxation or excursions

5:15 p.m.   Life coaching session for personal development

6:30 p.m.   Restorative or Yin Yoga 

8:00 p.m.   Dinner

*One day of the week will be free time to explore the island or go surfing. 

DAY 8:   30. October 2023

07:30 a.m  –  Yoga & Meditation and common breakfast

10:00 a.m  –  End of retreat & departure


Shared triple/quadruple room - 1.900 € p. p.

Double room - 4.100 € p. r. (2.050 € p. p.)

Single room - 2.200 € p. p.

Info: Flight is not included in the price and must be organized by the participants. 

*Prices include 8 nights accommodation including full board, workshops, yoga including equipment, physio checkup, airport transfer on arrival and check out day, WiFi and towels. Additional activities and massages are offered and can be booked for a surcharge.


Shared 3- or 4-bed room € 1,900 p. p. 

double room € 4,100 p. r.

single room € 2,200 p. p.


Info: The flight is not included in the price and must be organized by yourself. 

yoga classn and workshops are mainly taught in English.

*Prices include 7 nights including full board, workshops, yoga including equipment, pool, airport transfer on the day of arrival and departure, WiFi and towels. Additional activities and massages are offered and can be booked at an additional cost.


About Us_NaJi_Jill.jpg

Jill Grawert

Yoga Teacher

She will ask you to meet yourself with kindness and compassion and to relax with things as they are. Her classes are authentic, clear and involve sweat, trim, and even more important, softening the hard edges, listening to your body, connecting to your breath, and becoming aware.

‘For me, yoga is a tool to reconnect with ourselves and to manage our energies. I feel the more we look inwards and know our bodies, the more available we are to meet life with presence – rather than with a conditioned mind.’

Nadine Speer


A versatile person who has learned through her diverse training and work (actress, communications manager and fitness trainer) to motivate, lead and inspire other people to grow. 'Accepting changes with confidence and making decisions courageously and wholeheartedly is the essence of my coaching. We all have an inner potential that is just waiting to be fully unleashed to achieve what we really want in life.'

Mind & Body Coach, Yoga Teacher



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